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Elhana Sugiaman

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Hi! I'm an Oxford linguistics graduate who's been teaching since 2017

Gramática Gramática
Vocabulario Vocabulario
Conversación Conversación
Negocios Negocios
Preparación universitaria Preparación universitaria
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I studied Portuguese and Linguistics at Oxford University. I am well-versed in the science of phonetics and phonology (the production and perception of sounds), which means I can help you sound more native. I've taught English for a year in Brazil and I've tutored students through Oxford Hub and Jacari. I also speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently.
¿qué esperas obtener de mis clases?
You’ll expect conversation practices as well as lessons from textbooks and my own worksheets to practise your writing and comprehension. I will be using videos and music to train your listening skills. These are the materials I will use:
  • PDF textbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Short films
  • Music
mi experiencia docente:
I worked as an English teacher for one year at an NGO. I was a private tutor for 4 months at Jacari, and taught English as a summer intern for Green Planet Ventures. My students were aged between 7 and 22, but I've also given private lessons to mature students in Indonesia, specialising in TOEFL.
mi experiencia fuera de la enseñanza:
I've been working in the NGO/NFO sectors because I'm passionate about development (human rights, environment, governance). Other than teaching, I research and translate for some international organisations. In my free time, I love to paint, sing, and write poems :)
inglés, portugués (Brasil)
idiomas nativos:
otros idiomas hablados:
holandés, alemán, español

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3 hechos únicos sobre mi

  • I love learning languages. I speak 8 at the moment, but I'm trying to make it 9!
  • I've lived in 4 different countries: the Netherlands, the UK, Brazil, and Indonesia.
  • I was born in an island called Java.


  • Konrad .'s profile picture
    Konrad .

    Elhana is a professional teacher focused on my goals from the beginning. During every lesson, we practice a lot of reading, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, and grammar. Writing exercises I mostly get for homework but she always checks and corrects mistakes before lessons. She has extensive knowledge about languages and is able to explain every grammar rule I ask. I highly recommend! She is the best teacher I've had so far.

  • Simon A.'s profile picture
    Simon A.

    Bardzo miła. Dobry nauczyciel.

  • Alina Voilova's profile picture
    Alina Voilova

    Elhana's lessons are very interesting and fun. We've done a lot of helpful exercises and discussed topic which would be useful for my exams.

  • Anna Suszko's profile picture
    Anna Suszko

    Elhana builds work during classes very interestingly!

  • Oskar Kamiński's profile picture
    Oskar Kamiński

    Elhana is always perfectly prepared and 100% committed to her students. As a person speaking 7 languages and incredible smart Oxford graduate, she relies on the best teaching techniques adjusted to your individual needs to set you up for success from the day one.