Online language learning
for companies – made simple

We’re your partner for personalised language training for your employees, online. They’ll pick their own teachers and set their own schedules. And you’ll love how flexible and easy we are to work with.

Simple, all-in-one solution
Flexible contracts. No long-term commitments. Students pick their own lesson times and teachers.

We also offer group lessons - they’re great for both learning and team-building!
The very best learning technology
We have developed a dedicated virtual classroom specifically for face-to-face online language learning, with a focus on fostering interpersonal connections.
Wide selection of great teachers
We match students with professional teachers picked from thousands of applicants, and select only the best for our business clients.
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We’re trusted by some amazing companies:

“Employees are excited about their classes, love the teachers and the possibility of choosing a teacher who suits their needs!”
Business partner since 2021

Here’s what we can offer you

Individual classes
Employees can choose their own teachers, and fit lessons into their busy schedule. We offer English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and more!
Group English lessons
We also offer group sessions – a great way to foster both communication and team-building.
Manager dashboard
You’ll get access to a real-time dashboard showing lesson usage data for all your employees.
Branded booking page
We’ll create your company’s very own booking page with your logo, so employees feel right at home.
Language level assessments
We carry out standardised language level assessments to evaluate their current level and measure progress going forward.
Co-financing arrangements
Depending on departmental budgets, the employer can cover all lessons costs or share them with the employee.
We’re here to help improve your employees’ communication skills!
You’ll get a dedicated account manager to make sure everything runs smoothly.
How does it work?
Our courses are designed to fit seamlessly into your employees' schedules. Each employee can select their preferred language and teacher, and schedule lessons at convenient times. We offer flexibility with no long-term commitments.
Are the language lessons conducted one-on-one or in group settings?
We provide both individual and group lessons tailored to enhance your language skills. Individual sessions offer personalised attention, while group lessons are ideal for promoting communication and team-building among participants.
Can we track our employees’ progress in these language courses?
Yes, we provide a manager dashboard that gives real-time insights into lesson usage and progress for all your employees. This enables you to monitor their learning journey effectively.