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Perfecto para negocios/empresas
Grandes planes de lecciones
Gran conversación
Explica bien conceptos difíciles
Da una gran retroalimentación
Enérgico y entusiasta
Puntual y confiable
Comparte excelentes materiales
Inspirador y motivador
Lecciones personalizadas
Genial con los niños!
Gramática seria
Maestro de examenes
Lauren P
(367 reviews)
I'm a passionate woman, eager to assist you make progress. Patient & attentive to people's needs & aspirations.
  • Conversation
  • Travel
  • Vocabulary
from $12.00/hr
Trial:  $3.50
Rania F
(279 reviews)
FR + EN tutor ready to help you take on any challenge you might face! Prête à vous aider dans toutes vos aventures !
  • Conversation
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
from $18.50/hr
FREE trial
Caroline D
(28 reviews)
Bonjour c'est Caroline. Formatrice en FLE with over 3500 hours of teaching experience from Brittany, France.
  • DELF (FR)
  • DALF (FR)
  • Vocabulary
from $32.00/hr
Trial:  $9.00
Lea L
(38 reviews)
Teaching French, english and spanish explained in 3 languages for translations, groups, all levels.
  • Conversation
  • General learning
  • Pronunciation
from $35.00/hr
Trial:  $20.50
Shaghayegh S
New, verified teacher
I am teaching french more than 8 years and just started to teach spanish
  • Conversation
  • General learning
  • DELF (FR)
from $20.00/hr
Trial:  $20.00