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Cian McGee

Irish / Australian Author with 24 published novels (sci-fi, dystopian, existentialism, satire) - Fun and Challenging
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Native languages:
Other languages spoken:
portugués (Brasil)
Irish / Australian Author with 24 published novels (sci-fi, dystopian, existentialism, satire) - Fun and Challenging
Native languages:
Other languages spoken:
portugués (Brasil)
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Learn English with an Irish/ Australian teacher & best selling author with 24 published novels (Sci-fi, dystopian, existentialism, satire) Fun - Challening - Dynamic - Zen (super positive class vibe) You will learn English like a child learns to crawl, walk, jump, run, and play. In an environment that is as fun as it is challenging. Learning must be a game. There must be challenges that force us to become better, and because of that ,we will fall - and when we fall we laugh ! We have fun !

My teaching methodology:
Expect to have FUN. You will be challenegd, but you will love the experience. My classroom is ZEN. So, we feel safe to try new things, and we laugh and feel happy when we fail. Because this is what life is - trying, falling, and trying again. You will learn language, and learn about being a PERSON. Our classes are introspective. They are philosophy. So, you will learn so much more about YOU and the WORLD. And you will have FUN doing it ! Beginners - We use grammar and course books in class. We also use Word for writing notes, paint (for visual understanding), and every resource available Intermediate to Advanced - we sit on Word mainly. My class is built around YOU. So my job is to find the language that you need to tell your story. Any notes we use in class are sent to your whatsapp at the end of each class. We also use fables and flash fiction I have written in class to practice your reading, flow, and pronunciation. Then, for comprehension, we examine and deconstruct the meaning, premise, and morals of the story. For writing tasks, you will recieve my fables and flash fiction in whatsapp. You will have to read at home and write 300-350 word break down of the fable explaining and defending the premise. In class, we will examine and deconstruct your writing
My teaching background:

I've been teaching English for 17 years in Brazil, and 8 years in Europe, UAE, Switzerland, US, Austraia, and Latin America (via online classes) I started my teaching career at Berlitz English School (the creme de le creme, i was told, in Brazil and abroad.) There i formed a fantastic relationshio with several students (key players in Brazilian financial system), and i was asked to leave the school, start my own company, and take them on as my first priavte clients. From that point on i never looked back. I have worked with everyone, from every walk of life. In 2020, i was lucky to spend several months teaching a renowned Brazilian movie director. I have also worked with famed Brazilian football clubs Santos FC and Palmeiras FC. Currently, i teach IELTS prep, academic writing courses (for research students/professors), Business English, Conversation (very introspective and philosophical coversations), Social English, creative writing for kids, Grammar Intensive. teens / Adults

My background outside of teaching:

I teach students from many professions - Film Directors, CEO's, Managers, Aviation Engineers, Programmers, Sports Lawers, Artists, Students, Stay at home mum and dads, Marketing Execustive, Psycho-analysits, and more I study their professions. I love to read and learn. So, in my spare time, i read about civil and aviation engineeering, neural spychology, psychology, tech, and more. I do this study so i can help my students build the language for their live and careers. As such, i am a wealth of knowledge of so many industries. Before teaching i was a singer in a rock band (in australia), and i ran a touring company (bringing rock bands to my city) and i was a DJ on radio (89.7FM) In Brazil, i ran a teaching company with 3 tachers in the financial sector. I also owned a clothing business with my then wife. I did administration, finance, logsitics, and customer service (and i made clothes too) I have done a lot and i bring that experience to the classroom :)

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