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Christopher Rawlins

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The biggest difference I can make for you is with your speaking ability and the way you learn English.

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I started teaching in Taiwan in 2005. There I taught mainly school aged children. I learnt that you have to make teaching clear and easy to understand. I worked in Taiwan until 2010. After that I taught as a freelancer in the Netherlands. I have taught private students and companies. Most of my students want to improve their spoken English.
¿qué esperas obtener de mis clases?
They should expect to talk a lot. They will be encouraged to be active and to take risks. I go from focused exercises to looser exercises. From my experience it's beneficial to relate the language to the student's life. If they take a course, they will get feedback on vocabulary as well and this will be tested in the follow-up lesson. I like to use pictures and characters so that once some 'gramma
mi experiencia docente:
I have about 13 years teaching experience. I have mainly taught private students and group classes. I have helped students with grammar, preparing for exams, using English at work, speaking and in general improving their English level.
mi experiencia fuera de la enseñanza:
I worked 10 years as a civil servant in London. I administered grants to charities and schools. Also, I have travelled a lot. I love Asia, food and cities. I also like to relax in cafes and spend time with my wife. When I was younger, I took lots of photos and made art.
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chino (mandarín), holandés
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3 hechos únicos sobre mi

  • I used to teach in a refugee camp in Thailand. It was located in a forest on the border with Myanmar
  • I was a president of a Toastmasters' club. Toastmasters help people improve their presentation skills with a learning through doing approach.
  • I used to write articles for magazines in Taiwan.


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