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Maria Ng'ethe

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I am the certified and patient teacher you need to help you with your conversation, reading, and writing.

Principiante absoluto Principiante absoluto
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I combine deep work on your grammar and pronunciation with informal chat. In general, I start each class with a conversation. I take full notes to correct grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary and always give feedback. This way, you can build your conversational skills in a relaxed manner. Every lesson has practice for reading, listening, and speaking. I give and correct writing exercises.
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I use our trial lesson to evaluate your needs and use this knowledge to tailor my approach to you so that you may reach your full potential. I choose my materials based on your interests and background and may include films, TV shows, articles, podcasts, books, audio-books, and music to keep our lessons interesting and fun! I give ongoing progress reports based on your homework and quizzes.
mi experiencia docente:
I am a TESOL certified instructor with six years of experience. I teach adults who want to improve their English for fun, to get ahead at work, and even for citizenship and immigration. I also tutor children, give homework help and assist them with writing, and reading practice and comprehension.
mi experiencia fuera de la enseñanza:
I have lived in several different countries, so I understand different cultures and can teach you how English is spoken around the world. I'm also learning French, so I know the barriers that you face in learning a new language. I know how to keep you motivated in your learning.
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TESOL Certification

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3 hechos únicos sobre mi

  • I've studied, lived and worked in many countries, including Canada and Alaska, even though I hate winter!
  • I am a bee-keeper. Really! I have twelve hives.
  • I love cooking shows. Especially the baking ones.


  • Monika Lipińska's profile picture
    Monika Lipińska

    Wspaniała, bardzo kontaktowa nauczycielka. Polecam każdemu! :)

  • Inga Kamińska's profile picture
    Inga Kamińska

    Jak zwykle, pełen profesjonalizm :-)

  • Inga Kamińska's profile picture
    Inga Kamińska


  • Katarzyna Sierawska's profile picture
    Katarzyna Sierawska

    I recommend Maria. She is a positive person who pleasantly helps to learn English.

  • Magda Kobierecka's profile picture
    Magda Kobierecka

    Maria is very nice teacher. The lessons are great and without stress. Both speaking and grammar. I I recommend Maria :)

  • Inga Kamińska's profile picture
    Inga Kamińska

    Maria is very optimistic person

  • Mimi Checking's profile picture
    Mimi Checking

    Teacher Maria very good and calme. I needmore practice about my englizh for my work becouse I forget lots of things and Maria is no mind with mistake and she coach well