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David Ewen

A certified English teacher, who is known for his engaging and fun teaching style and making learning engaging.
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Native languages:
A certified English teacher, who is known for his engaging and fun teaching style and making learning engaging.
Native languages:
Preparacion para examenes
Aprendizaje en general
Master of Education (M.Ed.)

I am a certified English teacher. I make my classes really engaging and fun. I know exactly how to capture students' attention and make them excited about learning. With my unique teaching methods, I ensure that every lesson is interesting and interactive. My approach helps students understand and enjoy English, making it easier for them to improve their skills. Everyone loves how I teach because I turn every class into a fun experience.

My teaching methodology:
David teaches English in a unique and immersive way. This means that he uses a method where students get to dive deep into various topics in English. By exploring different subjects, students learn how to use the language properly and also get familiar with the way it's commonly used. This approach makes learning not just educational but also fun and engaging. It's a lively way to understand and use English effectively.
My teaching background:

I have been a teacher since 1988, starting right after I earned my Master of Education degree. I didn't stop there; I continued with graduate studies in business. In 1994, I launched my own business, which I expanded into a university. This university partners with organizations globally to bring American education to students worldwide. My expertise grew, and in 2014, I earned my Doctor of Education degree. Alongside my educational achievements, I am also certified to teach English, holding TESOL and TEYL certifications. This background makes me exceptionally skilled at teaching and understanding global education needs.

My background outside of teaching:

I began my career in the field of information technology, focusing on software development. However, I later decided to switch paths and became a global international entrepreneur. Today, I am dedicated to bringing American education to students around the world. I also spend time mentoring people globally, helping them develop their careers by enhancing their international experiences. My educational background is impressive; I hold both a Master of Education (M.Ed.) and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree.

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